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Anonymous asked how are your trials goinG?????

Not good at all. I actually studied pretty hard for my first english exam today and it completely fucked me over so im taking a minimal study approach for my second exam tomorrow which is really just a result of my laziness but lets say its for experimentational purposes. 

Anonymous asked I know you've used frank before, because I follow your other blog. I recently just got it delivered, but I have no idea how to use it effectively. Any tips ? Xx

Ah it is the best stuff ever! I used it head to toe, pretty much everyday. Use it just like any other exfoliator basically! You can use exfoliating mitts, but I found it was too harsh on my skin so i just used my hands. xx P.s thank you for following! 

Anonymous asked Thank you so much for helping me ! I will talk to him about xx

Absolutely anytime dear! Xx